Double Bay Under Threat - STOP 6 STOREY DEVELOPMENT

Help stop Woollahra Council from approving a new planning strategy which will permit six-storey buildings throughout Double Bay’s commercial centre. This will be a 50% increase in the current height limit, resulting in destruction of Double Bay’s low-rise village charm and character. 

The attached flyer shows how you can help to defeat this proposal and save Double Bay for the future. Please email an objection to the council – [email protected] – no later than 27th May 

Let all the Councillors know (addresses on Council website) quoting SC6808

Read DBRA’s detailed submission here. 

Complete the survey at:

Please tell your friends throughout the Eastern Suburbs and beyond who know Double Bay, and encourage them to write too. We will only have a chance of defeating this over-development strategy if there is massive opposition. 

Click here to SEE OUR FLYER.

Read our full protest document.

Below is Knox Street with proposed 6 storeys

Double Bay Under Threat
Double Bay Under Threat