About Double Bay Residents' Association

Established in the early 1990s, the Double Bay Residents’ Association is a voluntary organisation which advocates for residents’ interests with Woollahra Municipal Council and other government bodies.

Many of the issues which concern our members relate to planning and over-development, and one of our principal aims is to try to maintain the unique village character which differentiates Double Bay from other Sydney suburbs. We endorse the Council’s vision of Double Bay as ‘Sydney’s Stylish Bayside Village’ with sunny, tree-lined residential streets as well as fashionable shops and a range of restaurants in its commercial centre.

Other concerns on which residents seek our support include traffic, parking, transport, night-time noise and safety, and the impact of excavation in an area which originally was a reed swamp and where the water table is very shallow.


In addition to representing residents with submissions on issues which concern them, we are available to answer members’ enquiries and we hold meetings at which members are encouraged to raise any Council-related concerns.


The Association’s influence on Council decisions depends partly on the strength of our membership, which now numbers 300 and is growing. If you support the vision of Double Bay as ‘Sydney’s Stylish Bayside Village’ and believe the Council should take residents’ opinions into account when making decisions, please join us.  Click here to become a member.

Double Bay Residents' Association
Double Bay Residents' Association