About Double Bay Residents' Association

The Double Bay Residents’ Association is a voluntary organisation aimed at maintaining the unique, low-rise, village character which differentiates Double Bay from other Sydney suburbs. We endorse Woollahra Council’s vision of Double Bay as ‘Sydney’s Stylish Bayside Village’ with sunny, tree-lined residential streets as well as fashionable shops and a range of restaurants in its commercial centre. 


Recently, however, Double Bay’s village atmosphere has been threatened by a draft planning and urban design strategy published by the Council which is proposing to raise the height limit across the village by 50% and replace 1,2,3 4 storey buildings with 6 storeys. This would result in loss of sunlight and amenity, increased traffic, nowhere to park and  severe problems caused by excavation due to the high water table.


We believe this draft strategy represents poor planning. We do not believe it is in the community’s best interest for this plan to go ahead. Double Bay should not be allowed to become another soulless suburb, indistinguishable from many others.


At the association’s Annual General Meeting in April 2022, the president’s report referred to 32 submissions made to the Council during 2021 and a further 12 during the first quarter of 2022. It also referred to many of the issues which are concerning residents, most of which relate to over-development, and how we are trying to encourage the Council to develop strategies which take residents’ interests into account. Click here to view this, which highlights the challenges we are facing.


We are not against change; we prefer to work with the Council, State Government, developers and local businesses to facilitate development which enhances Double Bay as an attractive place to live, an inviting destination for visitors, and a place where all of us choose to shop and dine. 


Regrettably, so far the Council has declined to involve residents in developing its draft strategy for the village or its secret plan for redeveloping the Cross Street car park. The successful Kiaora Lands development is an example of what can be achieved when residents, business and the Council work constructively together.


The Association’s influence on Council decisions depends partly on the strength of our membership, which now numbers 300 and is growing.  If you support the vision of Double Bay as ‘Sydney’s Stylish Bayside Village’ and value its low-rise, tree-lined streets, please join us.  Click here to become a member.

Double Bay Residents' Association
Double Bay Residents' Association