Double Bay is an attractive, harbourside village, minutes from centre of Sydney by bus, train or ferry.  Situated in the valley between Darling Point, Edgecliff and Bellevue Hill it has a unique shopping area and tree lined residential streets, and is a suburb of the municipality of Woollahra.

Because of its location and attractiveness it is important that inappropriate development does not occur that might change the natural beauty and ambience of Double Bay.  The Double Bay Residents’ Association (DBRA) is a long established community group that monitors proposed developments and planning changes to determine if they are compatible with Double Bay.  It uses the expertise and experience of its members to submit objections, either at local or state level, where it is considered that proposals may adversely impact Double Bay.

The Association is not against change, but prefers to work with the council, state government, local businesses, developers and other community groups, to achieve the best outcome for Double Bay residents.  Recent successful outcomes where DBRA was heavily involved are the Kiaora Lands Woolworth development and the retention of the international hotel building at 33 Cross Street.

The Association is non-political, and membership is open to all members of the public. Please find our Membership Application form at the link below:

DBRA Membership Form18

The current Committee members are:
Malcolm Young – Vice President
Jennifer Dewar – Treasurer
Barbara Mortimer – Membership
Michele Wearn – Community Matters
Sascha Ettinger – Secretary
Anthony Tregoning
Tony Gregory
Peter Breed
Mary Fisher